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From: Donald Arganbright <jayden63@*******.COM>
Subject: Re: [Fictional Cards]: Aztechnology Corporation
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 12:02:51 PDT

>INTICOPA / Runner: Aztechnology Blood Mage / 5Y
>3/2. Amerindian/Human. Sorcery-1. Turn to cancel any effect which
>would allow an opponent to look at your hand, draw pile, or an
>unrevealed Challenge you put into play.


>MEDELLIN / Runner: Ganglord / 6Y
>5/3. Ork. Melee-1, Street-2. Medellìn receives two Drug tokens
from Club Vortex (instead of one). Any player may pay Medellin's owner
1Y to move a Drug token from Medellin to a Runner they control.

Ok. I don't really know why I would want my oppents to have access to
my drugs, but ok.

>OTONTIN / Runner: Aztechnology Samurai / 7Y
>5/4. Amerindian/Human. Athletics-1, Firearms-1, Stealth-1. Totems
>may be placed on Otontin as if he were a Shaman.

This is really cool. Kind of like Ghost Who Walks (in the novels) who
has great respect for the Wolf totem.

>YASMIN / Runner: Aztechnology Blood Shaman / 6/2Y
>2/1. Amerindian/Human. Prime Runner. Biotech. Conjure-2. Turn
>when target Runner is trashed from combat. Return target Runner to
>play under your control. You remain owner of target Runner while
>Yasmin remains turned (you may choose not to unturn her during your
>Refresh phase.) Return Runer to owner's safehouse when Yasmin

I like this except for one thing. With the 2¥ upkeep I would rather
that when Yasmin unturns that the controled runner is then trashed not
given back to my opponent. The runner died once, had his soul borrowed
for a while (at a rather expensive cost), so let him stay dead.

>ZOCATL / Possessed Runner / 0Y
>6/6. Anti-social, Hermit, Stamina. Lose 5 Reputation at the end of any
turn Zocatl is in play. During each of your Refresh phases, place a
-1/-1 token on Zocatl. When Zocatl is trashed, he is fragged.

I have a problem with this. Granted a 6/6 with stamina for 0¥ sounds to
good to be true. But the -30 rep is just evil. Rep is too valuable to
loose to a runner in this way. And there is no way that 1 6/6 guy is
going to give me more than he takes in this way. I would change it so
that when the runner is deployed you loose 10 rep and raise his cost to

>BLOOD SPIRIT / Gear (Magic/Spirit) / 4Y
>4/4 Spirit. Play on a Runner with Conjure-2. Turn Blood Spirit and
>roll D6: 1-2: Trash user. 3+: Place a -1/-1 token on target present
>Runner. Blood Spirit gains +1/+1 each time this ability is used.

This one is also a little unusable. There are not that many Conjure-2
shamans out there with buff bodies. You might be able to raise it two
or three points. But as soon as the shaman takes one point of damage
bye-bye shaman and spirit. I would change it so it requires Conjure-1
and add the line - Blood Spirit connot be traded amoung runners.

>JAGUAR TOTEM / Special (Totem) / 3Y
>Play on a Shaman. Turn user when target Runner uses a Gear/Magic >card
and roll D6: 1-3: Trash user. 4+: User may engage target Runner >in
Runner-on-Runner combat. Resolve as normal.
>"They strike from out of the jungle, a moving blur -- and return to
>the forest with blood on their claws."

This card is confusing. Since all runner turn to go on a shadow run how
could the runner turn again to attack someone. Second I guess you could
turn a spirit durring your legwork phase and then lash out at someone.
Third the 1-3 trash is a little harsh. I would change it to 1-2 trash
runner, 3 User must attack runner in owners safehouse, 4-6 User may
attack any target runner. This adds to the unpredicability of the

>THE OLD CALENDAR / Special / 4Y
>The Shadowrun phase now occurs directly after the Objective phase.

This is really cool. But is it a global special or just something to
play on an enemy?

>OMEGA ORDER / Special (Stinger) / 2Y
>Cancel the effect of any Aztechnology card, OR, play when an
>Aztechnology card is being trashed. That card is fragged instead.

This is cool and could be very usefull.

>5/5 (A1). 3Y: +2/+2 (A+1) until the end of turn. If the
>shadowrunning team does not sleaze or trash Aztechnology Security
>Mage, owner may frag the top two cards of his draw pile and search >his
trash pile for a Personnel Challenge.
>Sleaze: Sorcery-2, Stealth-1.

This I like as well.

>TENOCHTITLAN / Location / 3Y
>Each player may not have more tahn one copy of Tenochtitlan in play >at
a time. You may roll D6 at the start of your Legwork phase:
>1-2: Pay -1 to deploy Amerindian Runners this turn.
>3-4: All Amerindian Runners you control receive +0/+1 until the start
>of your next Legwork phase.
>5-6: Pay +1Y to deploy Amerindian Runners this turn.

This would have its uses. But only if cards start stating what
Nationality runners are. This card would have little use at all with
any of the first run cards and underworld.

>And, though it has nothing to do with Aztechnology:
> . . . AT ANY COST / Special (Stinger) / 0Y
>Play whenever a dispute arises over the manner in which a card is to
>be played and, normally, if you'd just shut up and listen to me a
>minute, a D6 roll would be made to resolve things. Tear up any and
>all cards involved -- I don't care if it's the only Lord Torgo you've
>ever seen, you stupid slot -- and the argument is over. There! >Fine!
Are you happy now?!
>"It may not solve anything -- but it sure relieves the frustration!"
Umm... No comment

*** In ruling, the Sage attends to the heart, not the eye ***
*** - Tao ***

Donald Arganbright
Jayden Stormwalker

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