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From: ">>>>> Axlrose - ... <<<<<" <axlrose@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: [Fictional Cards]: Aztechnology Corporation
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 15:52:31 -0400
At 12:39 PM 4/11/98 -0700, Matt wrote:

<Snipped... straight to the cards.>

>INTICOPA / Runner: Aztechnology Blood Mage / 5Y
>3/2. Amerindian/Human. Sorcery-1. Turn to cancel any effect which would
allow an >opponent to look at your hand, draw pile, or an unrevealed
Challenge you put into play.

>MEDELLIN / Runner: Ganglord / 6Y
>5/3. Ork. Melee-1, Street-2. Medellìn receives two Drug tokens from
Club Vortex >(instead of one). Any player may pay Medellin's owner 1Y to
move a Drug token from >Medellin to a Runner they control.

How about making Medellin an Amerindian Ork to keep with the flavor
(flavour for those outside the U.S.)? If this runner is like many of those
drug cartel bosses from the good old Miami Vice days, maybe you should drop
the Melee-1 (they usually had their ring of hitmen and whatnot) while
instead having a Social-1. By being sleazy in that regards to 'gain' more
drug tokens, I would think a social would be needed, but just my thought.

>OTONTIN / Runner: Aztechnology Samurai / 7Y
>5/4. Amerindian/Human. Athletics-1, Firearms-1, Stealth-1. Totems may
be placed on >Otontin as if he were a Shaman.

>YASMIN / Runner: Aztechnology Blood Shaman / 6/2Y
>2/1. Amerindian/Human. Prime Runner. Biotech. Conjure-2. Turn when
target Runner >is trashed from combat. Return target Runner to play under
your control. You remain >owner of target Runner while Yasmin remains
turned (you may choose not to unturn her >during your Refresh phase.)
Return Runner to owner's safehouse when Yasmin unturns.

This sounds like a 'cheap' way of returning those high cost prime runners.
Say the infamous Lord Torgo is in play and gets taken out by a mob of
Lokis. I turn Yasmin to bring Torgo back from the trash pile, paying the
initial 6 Nuyen for her. Next turn, I unturn Yasmin and Torgo is back,
apparently healed to maximum. This seems cheaper than with a Squatter,
paying the 5 Nuyen then the new deployment costs. Maybe I am thinking
about the cards wrong.

Maybe have something along the lines of as she is using her powers to
revive the 'dead' from the trash, if she gets taken out, which looks fairly
easy to do, the attempt would then frag the trashed runner. Also, maybe if
she successfully returns the target runner then the runner would be a 1
point of body, to show the affects of rebirth.

>ZOCATL / Possessed Runner / 0Y
>6/6. Anti-social, Hermit, Stamina. Lose 5 Reputation at the end of any
turn Zocatl is >in play. During each of your Refresh phases, place a -1/-1
token on Zocatl. When >Zocatl is trashed, he is fragged.

Interesting... though with a 6/6 body overall, this runner seems like a
quick suicidal runner to take out those harder challenges. A couple of
these freebies in play and just offer to wipe out the competition -
Guardian Dracoform : here I come to die!

>BLOOD SPIRIT / Gear (Magic/Spirit) / 4Y
>4/4 Spirit. Play on a Runner with Conjure-2. Turn Blood Spirit and roll
D6: 1-2: >Trash user. 3+: Place a -1/-1 token on target present Runner.
Blood Spirit gains +1/+1 >each time this ability is used.

Maybe have something about (future?) runners with biotech abilities can not
use this spirit, in case that situation arises. I do not think there are
runners with Conjure and the biotech skill, but I could be wrong. Also,
maybe other spirits like the Ally Spirit, would refuse to deal with a
Conjurer that also dabbles in such spirits...

>JAGUAR TOTEM / Special (Totem) / 3Y
>Play on a Shaman. Turn user when target Runner uses a Gear/Magic card and
roll D6: >1-3: Trash user. 4+: User may engage target Runner in
Runner-on-Runner combat. >Resolve as normal.
>"They strike from out of the jungle, a moving blur -- and return to the
forest with >blood on their claws."

I think your flavor text needs a tad revising - forest and a jungle
together? *shrug* This totem seems limited in use - what is really in it
for the runner except a 50% chance of dying before combat even starts? And
unless the Shaman is pumped up, it would seem he/she/it would be killed off
in runner-on-runner combat anyway. Maybe I am not seeing the point of this

>THE OLD CALENDAR / Special / 4Y
>The Shadowrun phase now occurs directly after the Objective phase.

Hmmm, with all the latest discussions about State of Confusion, this
special would seem unchangeable and unmovable once in play. Plus with the
middle steps taken out of play it seems, wouldn't eventually all the
runners would be turned? Then what happens, the game is decided on who has
the highest rep at that point? This card sounds like a lock-in for those
of higher rep to win. Again, maybe I am missing the point of this one
(maybe if I ever played this game.....)

>OMEGA ORDER / Special (Stinger) / 2Y
>Cancel the effect of any Aztechnology card, OR, play when an Aztechnology
card is being >trashed. That card is fragged instead.

Would canceling any effect also trash the card as needed, using the above
"The Old Calendar" as an example?

>5/5 (A1). 3Y: +2/+2 (A+1) until the end of turn. If the shadowrunning
team does not >sleaze or trash Aztechnology Security Mage, owner may frag
the top two cards of his >draw pile and search his trash pile for a
Personnel Challenge.
>Sleaze: Sorcery-2, Stealth-1.

Hmmm, this card sounds a tad familiar, though with some revisions, of

>TENOCHTITLAN / Location / 3Y
>Each player may not have more than one copy of Tenochtitlan in play at a
>You may roll D6 at the start of your Legwork phase:
>1-2: Pay -1 to deploy Amerindian Runners this turn.
>3-4: All Amerindian Runners you control receive +0/+1 until the start of
your next >Legwork phase.
>5-6: Pay +1Y to deploy Amerindian Runners this turn.

Maybe up the cost for this location a bit more, or alter the results
towards a more negative effect. With a 66.67% better bonus rate for
Amerindian runners, I think this would be the best location card of the lot
(so far). Don't other locations have a 'no affect' clause in them?

>And, though it has nothing to do with Aztechnology:

> . . . AT ANY COST / Special (Stinger) / 0Y
>Play whenever a dispute arises over the manner in which a card is to be
played and, >normally, if you'd just shut up and listen to me a minute, a
D6 roll would be made to >resolve things. Tear up any and all cards
involved -- I don't care if it's the only >Lord Torgo you've ever seen, you
stupid slot -- and the argument is over. There! >Fine! Are you happy=
>"It may not solve anything -- but it sure relieves the frustration!"

I'd rather just punch my arguing opponent in the nose and relieve
frustration that way, but hey, us trolls are like that.

>- Matt

For what my opinion is worth...
>>>>>Axlrose - ...<<<<<


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