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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Crazy Achmed <yleecoyote@*********.NET>
Subject: I'mmmmmmm Baaaack
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 15:18:42 -0700
Yes just when you thought it was safe to go back on line......."Hello I am
"Achmed" come dance with me"
What sinister plot is "Crazy Achmed" hatching now????? (I aint gonna tell,
Bwaahaaa haaa)
What evil lurks in your plumbing???? ("Crazy Achmed" knows Bwaaahaaa haa)
What is the Capital of Assyeria??? (Dont fall off the bridge, Bwaaahaaa haaa)
What number when divided by itself & multiplied by the square root of Pi is
equal to the estimated national debt for the U.S. for the 2001 (Huhhhh, how
the hell am I supposed to know that???) <Click>

And now for something completely "Achmed"
I will give any 6 cards from my HAVES list for any 1 card from my WANTS
list. Kinda basic but hey, at least I made you laugh. Come on admit it I
made you laugh earlier, come on I have low self esteem. PLEEEEEEASE TELL ME
I MADE YOU LAUGH!!!! Any 6 of my cards for 1 of yours. Let me know.
Cherry Bomb Runner X2
Domino Runner X3
Knuckles Runner
Kraker Jack Runner
Red Widow Runner
Skidz Runner X3
Stiletto Runner
The Mole Runner X2
The Preacher Runner
Tinkerbell Runner
Uncle Joe Runner X2
Armor Spell Gear
Automated Patrol Vehicle Gear X2
Beretta Gear X3
Bulldog Van Gear
City Spirit Gear X2
Defiance Shotgun Gear X3
Dermal Plating Gear X3
Doc Wagon (Gold) Gear X2
Extended Clip Gear X2
Fireball Gear
Flechette Rounds Gear
FN Mag-5 Gear
Foretelling Gear
Fuchi Cyber-6 Gear X2
Harley Scorpion Gear X2
Heal Gear
Nature Spirit Gear
Ranger X Gear
Ruger Super Warhawk Gear
Skillsoft: Gunnery Gear
Skillsoft: Social Gear X2
Walther Palm Pistol Gear
Fringe Surgeon Contact
Mr. Black Contact
Crossfire Objective
Desert Hit Objective X3
Eco-war! Objective X3
Fugitive Run Objective X3
Fusion Run Objective X2
Operation Up and Over Objective
Ragnarock Objective X2
Ambush Challenge X3
Ancients' Turf Challenge X2
Chomps-2000 Guard Dog Challenge X2
Double Jeopardy Challenge X3
Elite Security Guards Challenge X2
Eyekiller Challenge X3
Halloweener Hell Challenge
Hunting Gargoyles Challenge X2
Knight Errant Guards Challenge
Mafia Goons Challenge X3
Poison Gas Trap Challenge X3
Razorhead Turf Challenge X2
Sabotaged Controls Challenge X2
Sim-sensation Challenge X2
Swarm of Drones Challenge X2
The Funhouse Challenge X2
Toxic Spirit Challenge
Change of Plans Special (Stinger)
No Way Out Special (Stinger)X2
Reinforcements Special (Stinger)
Rough Night Special (Stinger)X3
Tactics: Scatter Special (Stinger)
Whoops! Special (Stinger)
Wild Goose Chase Special (Stinger)X2
Bar Fight Special
Block Party Special X2
Bugged Deck Special X2
Cover Up Special X2
Drive-by Special
Even Steven Special X3
Riots Special x2

Banzai Yakuza Thug Oni/Ork Runner x2
Bowzer Mafia Thug Ork Runner x3
Duncan Lone Star Beat Cop Dwarf Runner x3
Jade Yakuza Agent Human Runner x3
Loki Mafia Thug Elf Runner x3
OdysseusStreet Samurai Cyclops/Troll Runner x3
Sancho Ganger Human Runner x3
Skitz Ganger Human Runner x3
Lone Star K9 Unit Challenge (Awakened) x4
Lone Star Tracker Drone Challenge (Miscellaneous) x2
Meet the Family Challenge (Personnel/Street) x3
Scatterbrain Raid Challenge (Personnel/Street) x4
Yakuza Hit Squad Challenge (Street/Vehicle) x4
Shady Manager Street Contact x3
Street Kid Street Contact x3
Handcuffs Gear (Miscellaneous) x2
Jinx Gear (Magic/Spell) x2
Jinx Spirit Gear (Magic/Spell) x2
Poison Gear (Miscellaneous) x4
Shriek 1000 Gear (Drone) x4
The Black Market Mafia Location x4
The Docks Mafia Location x3
Crime Wave Objective x3
Hell House Objective x3
Humanis Policlub Rally Objective x2
Nosferatu Den Objective x3
Bear Totem Special x3
The Big Break Special x3
Long Arm of the Law Special x3
Poor Craftsmanship Special x4
Special Delivery Special x3
The Price of Fame Special x3
Test of Honor Special x2
Unstable Ally Special x4
Halloweeners Special X4
Scatterbrains Special X2
Spreading the Disease Special X3
Street Violence Special X3
Friend of a Friend Special/Stinger x5
Innocent Bystander Special/Stinger x3
Intimidation Special/Stinger x4
Outstanding Performance Special/Stinger x3
Sepuku Special/Stinger x3
Shakedown Special/Stinger x2
Caeser Runner
Dodger Runner
Drake Runner
Highbrow Runner
Ice Queen Runner
Iron Mike Runner
Lord Torgo Runner
Marek Runner
Scorpio Runner
Tin Man Runner
Tiny Runner
Titan Runner
Wheeler Runner
Heavy Armor (Full) Gear
Lucky Wabbit's Foot Gear
Monofilament Whip Gear
Crash Gear
Redirect Datatrail Gear
Sticky Fingers Gear
Greater Elemental Gear
Hellblast Gear
Squatter Contact
Dragon Hunt Objective
Dunkelzahn's Bl. Book Objective
Room 5b78 Objective
Anti-Astral Barrier Challenge
Barney Phyffe Challenge
Flock of Geese Challenge
Heavy Sentry Gun Challenge
Hellhound Challenge
Highway Showdown Challenge
Incubus Challenge
Integrated Cont. Ctr. Challenge
Killer Drone Challenge
Motion Detectors Challenge
Runners on Retainer Challenge
Security Rigger Challenge
Steppin' Wulf Ambush Challenge
Time-Delayed Bomb Challenge
Cowards Special (Stinger)
Distraction Special (Stinger)
Sudden Goblinization Special (Stinger)
Abducted! Special
Ambidextrous Special
Cyber-psychosis Special
Knock-Knock Special
Matrix Crash Special
Rush Job Special

Humbug Ganger Hobgoblin/Ork Runner
Louie Da' Bruiser Mafia Thug Troll Runner
Wildfire Lone Star Combat Mage Elf Runner
Lone Star Sergeant Lone Star Contact
Ninja Guard Yakuza Contact
Black Credstick Gear (Miscellaneous)
Spell Lock Gear (Miscellaneous)
Switchblade Gear (Hand-to-Hand Weapon)
Heckler Spirit Gear (Magic/Spell)
The Initiation Objective
Better Offer Special
Cement Shoes Special
Snake Totem Special
Backdoor Special/Stinger
State of Confusion Special/Stinger

Todays subliminal message is:
No good deed goes unpunished....... No good deed goes unpunished....... No
good deed goes unpunished....... No good deed goes unpunished....... No good
deed goes unpunished.......No good deed goes unpunished....... No good deed
goes unpunished....... No good deed goes unpunished....... No good deed goes
unpunished....... No good deed goes unpunished.......


Please send all "Flames", "FBI investigations", "Restraining
confirmations", "Paternity suits, Designer suits & Leisure suits" to:

Thank you for flying "Crazy Achmed". Luggage may have shifted during travel.
Bye, Bye Now, Bye Bye, Goodbye......(Ad infinitum Ad nauseum)


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