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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Crazy Achmed <yleecoyote@*********.NET>
Subject: Things that make ya go hmmmmmm
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 15:18:52 -0700
Have you ever wondered what judges wear under thier robes??
Have you ever noticed that women never go to the restroom by themselves??
Did you ever wonder at what caused the gap in David Lettermans teeth??
Have you ever been pulled over by the police after buying a copy of "Catcher
in the rye"???

O.K., so thats not one word, and the L.A. Times has thrown me out of thier
offices several times, but hey that just helps to confirm my point. What are
they hiding??? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING!!!!!!
Hmmmm...Maybe I should cut down on the caffeine when I watch these X-Files
marathons. Hey I could be on to something though <Click>

Now for something completely Achmed

I have a (Very good condition) Hatchetman 2057 for trade. If you are looking
for a Mint condition card for your set, you dont want this card. If you just
want it for play, well hey its perfect what can I say. It has some
imperfections that you can only notice when you are looking at the face of
the card. So its not marked.
I also
Skillsoft:Demolitions Gear
Guardian Earth Elemental Challenge

Here are some cards I am looking for:
Caeser Runner
Dodger Runner
Drake Runner
Highbrow Runner
Ice Queen Runner
Iron Mike Runner
Lord Torgo Runner
Marek Runner
Scorpio Runner
Tin Man Runner
Tiny Runner
Titan Runner
Wheeler Runner
Heavy Armor (Full) Gear
Lucky Wabbit's Foot Gear
Monofilament Whip Gear
Crash Gear
Redirect Datatrail Gear
Sticky Fingers Gear
Greater Elemental Gear
Hellblast Gear
Squatter Contact
Dragon Hunt Objective
Dunkelzahn's Bl. Book Objective
Room 5b78 Objective
Anti-Astral Barrier Challenge
Barney Phyffe Challenge
Flock of Geese Challenge
Heavy Sentry Gun Challenge
Hellhound Challenge
Highway Showdown Challenge
Incubus Challenge
Integrated Cont. Ctr. Challenge
Killer Drone Challenge
Motion Detectors Challenge
Runners on Retainer Challenge
Security Rigger Challenge
Steppin' Wulf Ambush Challenge
Time-Delayed Bomb Challenge
Cowards Special (Stinger)
Distraction Special (Stinger)
Sudden Goblinization Special (Stinger)
Abducted! Special
Ambidextrous Special
Cyber-psychosis Special
Knock-Knock Special
Matrix Crash Special
Rush Job Special

Louie Da' Bruiser Mafia Thug Troll Runner
Wildfire Lone Star Combat Mage Elf Runner
Lone Star Sergeant Lone Star Contact
Cement Shoes Special
Backdoor Special/Stinger
State of Confusion Special/Stinger


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