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From: Crane <jack9@*********.NET>
Subject: Re: [GC]GenCon98 Guestlist Update:10APR97/1920L
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 16:06:40 -0700
Just for everyone's information, I cant possibly make it to GEN CON 98 from
here in southern Ca. I dont know how I got on the list :p

At 01:47 AM 4/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Here is the list as it stands to date:
>[This is a list of those who plan to at least attempt to go to
>GRANITE [granite@**.net]
>Michael Broadwater [neon@*******.edu]
>Lady Jestyr [ jestyr@**********.com]
>Bull [chaos@*****.com]
>Caric [caric@********.COM]
>Loki [daddyjim@**********.com]
>VAEL [vael@**********.com]
>The Bookworm
>Mike Paff [mikepaff@***.com]
>Adam "WolfJack"
>Justin Pinnow
>DREKHEAD [drekhead@***.NET]
>David Buehrer [dbuehrer@******]
>Buck (Mike Buckalew) [buck@*********.com]
>J. Keith Henry [Ereskanti@***.COM]
>The Kumquat
>Tamino aka Shane Winzar
>Wakabout aka Josh Kanapkey
>Gweedo The Killer Pimp
>Gabriel Sims aka Bio-Hazard
>James Poppe
>Todd M. Behringer
>Rookie Tim
>Phil Jaros
>Tony Rabiola [rabiola@**]
>Steven A. Tinner [bluewizard@*****.com]
> J.P. Haworth
>Adam J "Fro" [fro@***.AB.CA]
>Paolo Marcucci
>David West aka Lightfinger [lightfinger@****.com]
>Gurth [Gurth@******.nl]
>Victor Fisher [Victor-Fisher@******.com]
>Noah , [noaho@**]
>Keldon Mor [Keldon@********.net]
>Phil Jaros [chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM]
>Matb [mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM]
>Jon Palmer [jmp225@***.EDU]
>gabe aka brakiss [Brakiss187@***.COM
>Gunnar Lundquist [OneWay919@***.com]
>Dave Hyatt [hyatt@********.com]
>Scott [Java@**********.com]
>Digger [digger-@****.com]
>Bad Karma [bktoys@*********.COM]
>[A note to those who get on the list and later think they may not get
>to go..In the event of a miracle your name will be left on the list -
>unless private email is invoked and lots of begging is accomplished]
> "Rock Steady"
>Lord, Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change,
>The Courage To Change The Things I Can,
>And The Wisdom To Hide The Bodies Of Those People I Had To Kill
>Because They Pissed Me Off.
>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ShadowRunner's Serenity Prayer
>Kind of a bummer. Gettin' your butt kicked by a dead guy.
> - Lt Col McQueen
>The truth is a three edged sword. - Kosh
>No Matter Where You Go, There You Are. - B.Bonsai


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