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From: Bradley Aaron Rebh <brebh@*****.BGSU.EDU>
Subject: Re: [Fictional Cards]: Aztechnology Corporation
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 20:18:02 -0400
On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Matb wrote:

> Donald Arganbright wrote:
> > >MEDELLIN / Runner: Ganglord / 6Y
> > >5/3. Ork. Melee-1, Street-2. Medellìn receives two Drug tokens
> > from Club Vortex (instead of one). Any player may pay Medellin's owner
> > 1Y to move a Drug token from Medellin to a Runner they control.
> > Ok. I don't really know why I would want my oppents to have access to
> > my drugs, but ok.
> The Medellin drug cartel was/is infamous for the amount of drugs
> (particularly cocaine) they ship to the US.
> The Runner works in a couple of different ways -- for one, he allows you
> to 'trade' tokens among your own Runners, which is a much more powerful
> effect than I originally intended (although it's still risky, the owner
> should end up paying something for the ability). It also lets you trade
> resources with a cooperative player, or catch up to a player willing to
> siphon off your tokens.

If he's a drug lord, why would he rely on a club to get his shipments?
Maybe by referencing the cartel, you were trying to tie in a drug ganger,
I don't know. Maybe instead, have at the beginning of the legwork phase
the opportunity to "purchase" drugs at the rate of 1 nuyen and during
the legwork phase, any runner can visit Mr.Medellin and give Medellin's
owner 2=Y= for the drugs? Maybe that's too high, but I think it makes
more sense (if the intent was to make him a drug lord).

<clip runners and the rest>

Just the last thing that I noticed, I don't think that there is a wide
enough assortment of runner types as is. Expecially the new types (Mafia,
Yakuza, and Lone Star). I think adding keywords like "Aztechnology
Samurai" (Did you use this one?) to a runner's base type only limits your
choice of runners when deciding to build a Corp Sponsored deck. How about
gang affiliation type specials that represent a corp hiring your team?

Maybe Something like:

Aztech Sponsorship
Special/Corp <something>
All runners you control are Aztechnology Employees in addition to their
current profession(s). Any shaman you control may search their deck
for a gear(magic/spirit) card and put it into play at half cost (round
up), choose a runner you control and roll a d6: 1:trash runner and shaman
2-3:trash runner 4+:runner takes X armor-piercing damage. X = the
deployment cost of the spirit.

Maybe this is a bad example, but I think it would follow the thread that
FASA has created with Totems and gangs and it would still allow for some
interesting specials, runners and gear to be used with Corp Sponsored

BTW, here are some other Sponsorships that I thought of while picking my
brain about Aztech.

Ares Sponsorship
All runners you control are Ares Employees in addition to their current
profession(s). Any gear(except magic and matrix) may be deployed for
-3=Y= (minimum 1). Whenever such gear is used, roll a d6: 1:trash
runner holding gear 2-3: trash gear after its effect is resolved
4-6:everything works fine

Saeder-Krupp Sponsorship
All runners you control are Saeder-Krupp Employees in addition to their
current profession(s). Turn a runner and look at a challenge for the
cost of 5 reputation. Put the reputation earned this way on Saeder-Krupp
Sponsorship. If the reputation earned by all non-player Saeder-Krupp
cards is enough to win the game, Saeder-Krupp wins the game.

dumb ideas? anyone else want to take a crack at the rest of the Big A's?
I was thinking that Mitsuhama could effect yak cards more than regular
runners. Or maybe, Mitsuhama makes all your runners yak runners. *shrug*

just an idea.


Bradley Aaron Rebh


920 E.Wooster #4
Bowling Green, OH 43402


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