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From: Gumbyflex1 <Gumbyflex1@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Deck Advice (I Need Some)
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 21:33:07 EDT
In a message dated 98-04-12 12:28:50 EDT, you write:

<< Here it is...

My Miscelaneous Monster 70/6

Runners (25)
Thrash x4
Glitz ok, u really dont need the 1 glitz
Knuckles x2
Razorback razor back and reaper should be substituted for
Reaper they r in there for straight muscle, stomper
Lord Torgo
Shasta if u have another tempest, put it in instead of shasta,
better skills
The Preacher he is almost muscle, you would be better off without him
for the Y
Scarecrow x2
Matrix: you r going to have to make up your mind on y u have
deckers for
Ice Queen if for just those programs and browse, i would say go
with static
Static or ice queen. static for his cost, or ice queen for
her ability
Hollywood one holywood is not really effective,besides,he can only
use 1 prog
Ajax x2 i would go with 4 ajax personally, he has better skills
to keep your
Tinkerbell x2 guys alive on a run, plus stamina and being a human are
Miscelaneous: i c no problems here
Sam The Sleuth
Foxy Roxy

Gear: (12)
Magic: i would kill either the bullet barrior or the armor
spell, both r not
Bullet Barrier necessary, also. if you cut shasta, kill the fireball, it
only adds
Invisibility x2 a benifit of a D6 if used (her normal power is 4,
fireball D6+4)
Armor Spell as of now, you have too much magic for too feww mages
Sleep x2
Matrix: these r fine, maby kill the steam roler for a crash
Browse both r equally ok
Machines: this looks fine also, 1 drone for 4 riggers, the van is
allways good
Bulldog Van
Automated Patrol Vehicle

Contacts: (2)
Mr. Johnson u really dont need the squatter, i'd say add another mr
Mr. Squatter so u are more likely 2 c 1

Tactics: Converge i'd personally kill the tactics : converge,
not much use
Green Apple Quick Steps wacking 1 runner when playing smart, u can wack
Luck of the Irish x2 whole crew.i'd also switch a WGC for a
Nerps! selective killing is allways good
Wild Goose Chase
Just a Rumor
Drive By

Challenges: (21) challenges in general: find challenges
that go well with
Muscle: your objectives, alot of awakened
challenges on
Manticore amazonian hunt and operation up and
over, if using
Street Scum these i would advise: take out the street
Halloweener Hell ambushed en rout, poison gas trap, and
Steppin' Wolf Ambush controls for : another mine field, manticore,
Chomps-2000 Guard Dog fusion gate, or chomps
Hunting Gargoyle
Mage Strike Force
Maglocks x2
Motion Detectors
Ambushed En Route
Poison Gas Trap
Hellish Traffic
Sabatoged Controls
Security Camera
Booby Trap
Fusion Gate
Mine Field

Objectives: like i said, u need to choose your
objectives and
Harlequin's Game x2 challenges to work together, also with the theme
of your
Mob War x2 deck, hope i could help

Right now I also have a Shadowplay and a Crossfire, but don't like these.
Any advice?


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