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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Dvixen <dvixen@********.COM>
Subject: [Gridsec: FAQ/SRTCG Webring/Trade List/OT] A few announcements
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:17:59 -0700
Hrm... I need something admin-like to add to the title...

1) The FAQs for both ShadowRN and SRCard have been revamped, a compiled,
text version should be out in the next few days, as opposed to the frames
navigatable version that is in place now. (My site is also non frames
navigatable for those who don't like frames much...)

New url:
Choose SRCard from top menu, then choose a section from side menu.

Non frames:

Any errors/corrections/requests should be sent to me as soon as possible.
(After all, the site will be silent for 6 weeks... See below for

2) In just over two weeks I am going to be away from the copmuter, for about
6 weeks. (Europe, here I come!) So expect me to be *very* quiet during that

If I must be gotten ahold of, dvixen042@**********.com will get checked once
in a long while...

3) If you haven't signed up your SRTCG page to the SRTCG Webring, DO SO! ;)
(before I leave, even. *grin*)
Choose SRTCG from top menu, then SRTCG Webring from side menu

Non frames:

4) Because of my trip, I won't be in town when the promos for Underworld are
released. Any promises from someone willing to get them for me and arrange
the trade when I return, would be *greatly* appreciated.

And for the first time in a while, here's a trade list of mine. I'd like
them to be completed by the 25, so adding 5 days for mail time, I probably
won't entertain any new trades after the 20th.

Current lists will be available at:
Choose SRTCG from top menu, then Trade & Wants from side menu

Non frames:

Have to trade:
[UL] [Ru] Adam Bomb (R*) - 2
[UL] [Ru] Dirk Montgomery (R) - 1
[UW] [Ru] Holmes (R) - 1
[UW] [Ru] Ivan (R) -
[UW] [Ge] Black Credstick (R) - 1
[UL] [Ge] PRC-44B Yellowjacket (R) - 1
[UL] [Ge] Smartgun Link (R) - 1
[UL] [Lo] Fuchi (R*) - 1
[UL] [Lo] The Hideaway (R) - 1 (Damaged)
[UL] [Ch] Custom System (R) - 1
[UW] [Ch] Widow's Trap (R) - 1
[UW] [Ch] Yakuza Assassin (R) - 1
[UL] [Sp] Tactics: Converge (R) - 1
[UW] [St] Backdoor (R) - 1
[UW] [St] Moment of Clarity (R) - 1
[UW] [St] Secret Agenda (R) - 1

Looking for List.
[UL] [Ru] Flatline (R*)
[UL] [Ru] Foxy Roxy (R*)
[UL] [Ru] Hatchetman 2057 (R*)
[UL] [Ge] Docwagon Platinum (R)
[UL] [Ge] Heavy Armour (Full) (R)
[UL] [Ge] Maglock Passkey (R*)
[UL] [Ch] Flock of Geese (R)
[UL/UW] German Rares
[UL/UW] German Promos
[UW] Underworld Promos
[UL] Ad Cards

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