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From: Daniel M Perez <d028200c@**.SEFLIN.ORG>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 05:14:49 -0400
Hello. Well, the deadline has passed and the trivia contest has come to
an end. I'm sorta dissapointed that I didn't get that many responses to
it, in fact only 5, but to those five the spoils of victory go. Here are
the winners and their prizes:

Tony Glinka
Blade Hunter
Matt Breton
Felix Hoefert
Bradley Rebh

Prize: King of the Hill, Skills to pay the bills, Genetics Lab, Nerps!

Well, technically, it was Tony that won, but with only five participants
I have enough cards to just give each a full set of the 4 promos.
Congratulations to the five players. Have fun with the cards!

Following are the correct answers for the questions:

> Q. What date did SRCard officially go on-line?

Tuesday August 26th, 1997.

> Q. What name/title did FASA give to it's first offical
> multi-player/multi-round set of SRTCG tourney rules?

"Brawl in the Sprawl"

> Q. Which magazine declared the SRTCG as it's readers poll Best CCG of
> the Year?

InQuest Magazine, issue #36.

> Q. Of the "Big Eight" megacorps, which three are not yet represented by
> a Location in the SRTCG?

Mitsuhama, Shiawase, and Yamatetsu.

> Q. Name the first offical 2nd Run promo we are aware of.

Maria Mercurial.

> Q. Name as many artisit signature or copyright line Easter Eggs as you
> can. (i.e. - Fireball: Ron "Face-lift" Spencer)

Limited Edition:
"Crawler" Patrol Drone: Jim "Shoggoth" Nelson
Vindicator Minigun: Ron "Masacre" Spencer
Doc Wagon (Gold): Fred "Overfiend" Hooper
Fireball: Ron "Face-lift" Spencer
Microskimmer: Doug "Ovni" Chaffee
Skillsoft Social: Jeff "Noodles" Laubenstein
Steamroller: Jim "Gulf-Breeze" Nelson
Cortex Bomb: Ron "TNT" Spencer
Greater Elemental: Ron "Star-spawn" Spencer
Luck of the Irish: has H.O.P. before listing the illustrator
Sudden Goblinization: Ron "Splatter" Spencer
Block Party: Jeff "Bat-tusi" Laubenstein
Cover Up: Doug "Roswell" Chaffee
Riots: Tom "Blood Bath" Baxa
Abducted: has the word "Believe" before listing the illustrator
Matrix Crash: Fred "Super-Duper" Hooper

Genetic Monstrosity: "Mutant" Mark Tedin
Last Stand: Ron "Dynamite!" Spencer

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this! Later.

Daniel M. Perez


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