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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: Where is everybody?
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 07:21:21 -0700
---Norman McLeod <mcleodn@***********.NET> wrote:
> Does it seem to anyone else that the list is extrodinarily silent
> I've been getting only about a third of the usual volume these past
> days.I did expect this over the weekend, but I'm starting to wonder
> happened. Hello? Is anybody there?


I'm still here. I've just been caught up in mass voume of email from
others sources. Bull put me on a list for GC planning/prep.

Plus I'm on another emailing discussion group that's involved in
playtesting for upcoming SRRPG releases (can't say more) that's been
extremely active of late. I know a few other SRCard members are in on
the same, which probably explains their distraction.

Anyways, I'm still present here, just now catching up and I'll be
posting a revision to the UGE Unlimited deck as it's gone through some
playtesting paces itself.

C-ya 'round.

-== Loki ==-
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