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From: Tony Glinka <porthos@****.COM>
Subject: Re: Ltd Ed vs UW
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 11:22:42 -0700
hansen wrote:

> Ok I haven't seen any UW cards yet so forgive me for this question....
> How can I diffenciate Ltd card from UW cards besides the copyright date?
> Alsom for those who know.....
> How are Unltd cards gonna be different from Ltd (I hope it isn't a white
> border..... White borders on SR cards look very sucky.... I tried...)

No, need to be afraid of the white borders! (Yiiiiiiicccckkk!) :) From
the Q&A:

Differentiating Card Versions:
Q1: Are there going to be any markings differentiating Second Run from the
First Run? How about Underworld?
A1: Yes and yes. Underworld will have a U before the Copyright, and 2nd run
will have a (gasp) 2 before its copyright line.

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