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From: Phil Jaros <chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM>
Subject: The game to end all games...
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:16:45 -0500
Yegad! What was the time limit in the tournament rules for a two
player game? My brother and I played a 6 hour marathon game last night.

He was playing the akuza and I was the Mafia, and it was not even like we
were wasting an time either. We only had music playing in the background
and we each drank one can of coke and ate the remnents of a potato
chip bag for a snack (while the other was taking his turn). We always
play to 70 Rep points.

Here is the basic break down of the scoring:

1 Hour: Me 25 Rep Steve 0 Rep
1.5 Hours: Me 15 Rep Steve 0 Rep
4 Hours: Me 15 Rep Steve 35 Rep
5.5 Hours: Me 15 Rep Steve 35 Rep
6 Hours: Me 85 Rep Steve 35 Rep

Really the only reason I eventually was able to break the stalemate
was by fragging his squatter and half of his runners with the Elven
Hitman and Cement Shoes respectively.

Has anyone had a longer game?

Phil Jaros 888888888
chakan@************.com O=O=O=O=O
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Chakan `| ^ |'
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