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From: hansen <hansen@********.COM.SG>
Subject: Re: Lord Torgo again....He's fun to talk about :)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 04:48:51 +0800
>Keldon Mor wrote:
>> On the note of Lord Torgo being a Ganger Leader. If LT went on The
>> Initiation, he would then become a Ganger, Does this now make him only a
>> Ganger or a Ganger & Ganger Leader? Would you be able to put a LoTP on
>> since he is now a Ganger, and still there would only be one Ganger Leader
>> Play?
>Some threads never die... :)
>A thing cannot become what it already is. Jade with The Eternal Vow
>played on her wouldn't take double damage from Mendez; a Ganger who
>scored The Initiation and then Turf War wouldn't get two tokens (or
>become a double Ganger).
>However, if there were a Special which removed the
>profession/affiliation from a Runner, these cards would work to restore
>- Matt
What is the official ruling btw ganger & ganger leader....
Using keywords, I would say that they are two totally different


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