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From: "Bourgault, Patrick" <pbourgau@***.CA>
Subject: Another trick question.
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 09:29:00 PDT
Bullet barrier. Since bullet barrier covers an area and for that reason,
all damage is received by the barrier, which armor does count. Ex.: I
have a mage with the spell and Torgo (boy, do we talk about him a lot
?!?!?!). Do the team has 2 or 3 points of armor. In other word, does
Torgo "lose" his armor because he is already protected by bullet barrier

What about spirits and drones ?? I'm just imagining a team of 6 runners
with, lets be fair, Roadrash and Wishbone (not to say Scatter and
Wheeler) which are full of spirits/drones (each can have 2). Does the
team now has A10 ??

What about the spirits/drones that the runner cannot use because of his
limited skill ?? Do those spirits/drones receive armor from the spell ??

Sorry people, so many questions, so little answers. Please be gentle
!!!!! ;-)


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