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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "Bourgault, Patrick" <pbourgau@***.CA>
Subject: Re: More guard trait stuff
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 09:59:00 PDT
> snip
>1. Scorpio and Static are in the safehouse. Static gets Black Hammered
>my opponent's Fastjack and loses. Can Scorpio take the damage? (I jump
>front of you in the Matrix!)
> I feel your pain about the guard ability. I'm not sure about this
>one, but I don't think so. In real life, it is like static is taking
>damage to his brain, and I don't think that Scorpio can do anything
>about this.

We always played that a bodyguard cannot protect someone if the damage
came from the matrix (like, let me have a chance to kill that pesky
decker, pu-leeeaaase !!!)

>2. Scorpio and Static, again in the safehouse. My opponent (the
>plays Riots. Can Scorpio take his two and Static's two?
>3. Same two, safehouse once again. My opponent (same punk) uses
>Can Scorpio take his 1AP and Static's 1AP?
>The way FASA told me about the guard trait, was that if it was a "world"
>effect, (Highway showdow, riots, and whatnot) then your not able to ude
>the guard ability. The reasoning is that Scorpio is busy taking the
>damage instead of running to get infront of the damage.

What's the difference between a "world" effect and, lets say, the Hit and
Run challenge, or Sabotage Control, or Fusion Gate (where the guy damages
both the bodyguard and whatever runner whom the bodyguard wants to
protect ??).


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