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From: hansen <hansen@********.COM.SG>
Subject: Re: The game to end all games...
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 23:22:10 +0800
Felix Hoefert wrote:
People tell me I ponder too long over my cards when its my turn. Id
like to know how long You guys think before You play a card. This is not
sarcasm, Im just curious. My 80-point games last up to about 50 minutes
usually, but one lasted 1.5 hours. ---Felix

It's not only how long you ponder, I had some games (70 rep) last from 30
minutes (against cermak blast/bully guy deck) to 3 hours. It's all in the
and shuffle.

Jon wrote:
We don't play much one-on-one here, but our 4-6 players tend to last 2-3
hours... usually because one guy (we don't like him much) insists on playing
four each of GAQ and Wild Goose Chase, thus making the game take forever.
The way these games usually end is one of the two of us who plays big
bruiser decks will make a run on somebody's Cleanse the Hive, take it with
like two guys because every guy on the run is a 9/9 A4 or in that
neighborhood (A1+Heavy Armor Full+Dermal Plating) and the game will finally

The few 1-on-1 games I've played have taken 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, but
they were over IRC so that's inherently slower. I can't imagine games
taking much less than 30 minutes, tho. (as opposed to L5R, for which the
fastest I've seen is a 7 minute win (turn 2 kill w/ Lion, Return of Fu
Leng-Evil Feeds-Desperate Measures-Gohei attack), and Magic, where it's a 1
minute win (turn 1 Ball Lightning-Blood Lust-Berserk)).

The fastest I've known is 5 min for 3 games in a tournament...
That includes shuffling, sideboarding and deciding who goes first...
The score was W-L-W... I can't remeber the decks tho...


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