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From: Noah Overton <NOAH_OVERTON@*************.OM.HP.COM>
Subject: Re: Another trick question.
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:20:09 -0700
Donald Arganbright wrote:


<Both Runners and Challenges may have Armor, indicated in parentheses
<as A and a number (for example, A2). Some Gear cards can be played on
<a Runner to modify his Armor Rating, or to provide unarmored Runners
<with Armor. Armor provided by Gear cards is indicated two ways. The
<first is as A + a number, for example, A + 1. In this case, a Runner
<with Armor increases the rating of that Armor by 1, and a Runner
<without Armor receives an Armor Rating of 1. Armor provided by Gear
<cards may also be indicated as A and a number (for example, A1). In
<this case, the Armor provided by the Gear is not cumulative with any
<other Armor. If a Runner has Armor of A1 and is holding a Vehicle
<card that provides Armor of A2, the Runner is protected by an Armor
<Rating of 2.

cards text
Play on a Runner with Sorcery. !A1) until end of combat to user and
all Runners on shadowrun with user. Bullet Barrier is not cumulative
with other armor.

O.K. I know the card says A1 but IMHO it should be A+1. why you ask?
well lets look at what a barrier. a wall is a barrier. if a runner
was behind a A1 wall with out armor and was attacked through the
wall, the wall would absorb 1 point of damage. correct.

now if the same runner was behind the same wall but had on a armor
vest a1. the same attack through the wall, the wall would absorb 1
point of damage then the vest would absorb 1 point of damage.

now before any one comes back with "but the card says". I know
what it says. but I think it should be A+1.
plus i think it should be good only against firearms and gunnery
attacks. But then there is the question how do you determine what
kind of attack a challenge is.

there is my thought on the deal. have at it


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