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From: Andy Scheffler <ascheffl@*******.BERKELEY.EDU>
Subject: Re: Ravage and Wired Reflexes
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:23:45 -0700
On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Matb wrote:

> > Why would you want to put Wired Reflexes on Ravage, when she already has
> > it's ability. Why not just put it on another Runner?
> HEAVY METAL FREAK-OUT / Special (Stinger) / 2Y
> Target Cyborg or Runner with Cyberware you control gains +3/+3 (A1) and
> loses all skills until the end of turn. At the end of each phase, roll
> D6 (+1 for each Cyberware card Runner is holding): On a 6+, frag Runner
> and all Gear he is holding.
> OK, OK, not the *best* reason....

Ravage is present during the Intiation... Ravage is now a Ganger.

I play Scatterbrains.

Ravage gets more powerful for each gear she is holding...

Another reason, this time using cards that already exist... :)


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