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From: Phil Jaros <chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM>
Subject: Re: Objectives question
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 00:31:32 -0500
Belgambit wrote:
>What exactly happens if you run out of objectives? <snip>
>What happens if the 6 objectives get taken? Does the player re-shuffle
>his objective pile and start over? or does he just no longer play objectives?

When this happened while I was playing with the FASA reps at the Chicago
Comicon last July, they said that they just don't play any more objectives.

I've only had it happen thrice and I've played many, many games...

>Also, is there a limit on the size of the objective pile? From my
>understanding of the rules, it is limited to 6, but I've seen mention of
>300 pt games, which would be VERY difficult to play with only 6 objectives
>each, even for 4 players.

Six is just the minimum. As with most card games it is to your benifit
to keep the number of challenges low, so you have a better chance of
getting out the ones that work best with your deck.

Keep in mind that your objective pile must atleast contain the amount
of reputation points you need to win the game. So a 300 point game would
need a larger amount of objectives.

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