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From: Bradley Aaron Rebh <brebh@*****.BGSU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Lord Torgo again....He's fun to talk about :)
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 01:02:00 -0400
On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Norman McLeod wrote:

> This is what I was trying to say in my original post, that Torgo already AS
> a GL. In another post, Bradley Aaron Rebh said that this woud indicate you
> couldn't send Gangers on Initiation. This is not what I said at all, in
> fact, I think I suggested the same sulotion. Initiation would not effect
> runners who are already Gangers. They would not become a Ganger - 2 or
> anything like that. They have already been innitiated. Similarily, Torgo is
> already a Ganger Leader. He has already received the benifits of this
> transformation. I would say that you can play LotP on Torg, but it would
> have no effect at all.

Torgo _does_ have the benefits(and limitations) of a Ganger Leader, but
_not_ LotP, so why would playing LotP on torgo have no effect at all?
So you ignore the part about the runner becomming a ganger leader, so
what. You don't play the card for the intent to create a ganger leader,
you play the card to get the +x/+x token, right?

If someone will explain to me why it's leagal and makes sense that it's ok
to play a Totem on Scatter and not LotP on torgo, I'll rest my argument.
Until then...

Bradley Aaron Rebh


920 E.Wooster #4
Bowling Green, OH 43402


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