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From: "Bourgault, Patrick" <pbourgau@***.CA>
Subject: Re: Objectives question
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:20:00 PDT
>Greetings chummers,
>I just started playing the game, in fact, I've only played 3 times, and
>with equally inexperienced players. I have a few questions about the
>objectives pile.
>What exactly happens if you run out of objectives? I haven't had this
>happen, but it has come close. In a 3 player game, one of the players'
>objectives were always more tempting than the others (urban brawls,
>and so 5 of the 6 were taken before the game ended. What happens if the
>objectives get taken? Does the player re-shuffle his objective pile and
>start over? or does he just no longer play objectives?
>Also, is there a limit on the size of the objective pile? From my
>understanding of the rules, it is limited to 6, but I've seen mention of
>300 pt games, which would be VERY difficult to play with only 6
>each, even for 4 players.

Try this ...

First of all, I always play with the same guy, so it's always a 1-1 game
- In one game, we play two types of game :
- A 100 pts game.
- A 10 objectives game, that means each player has only 5 objectives.
- All objectives are randomly choosen from each player's pile.
- If you run out of objectives, take one from your opponent.
- The two decks are identicaly mounted (17 runners, 23 gears, 25
challenges, and 15 locations/contacts/specials, for a total of 80 cards).
- Build all the statistics you want for each type of game.

We played about ten games this way and we like it. Each game can take us
about one hour and a half to play and it's never bory (like hell the game
can be !!!). If you ask yourself why 5 objectives, then think you have
to put challenges on 10 objectives instead of 12. For those who would
like to know, I had to mix my cards only once in ten games. We also
tried that style in a three players game once and it went well.

Next time, we want to try those new "rules" :
- If an objective is revealed for the second time, pick a new one to
replace it. Our last game ended up with the same first objective and we
want game with 10 different objectives.
- Each player build two different decks and randomly chooses one at the
beginning of the game.

If you have any comments/improvements to make, there welcome.


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