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From: "Bourgault, Patrick" <pbourgau@***.CA>
Subject: Re: The Mercurial Case
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 10:33:00 PDT
>---Apone <mpcheval@********.FR> wrote:
>> Hey, I've just seen the Maria Mercurial card in a french magazine
>(Lotus Noir).
>> What a disappointment !
>> Let's take a look at the stats:
>> Cost: 6/1
>> Ok that's not too expansive for a prime runner.
>I can handle that.
>> No skill.
>> What a joke!
>I would expect at least firearms and/or melee. Social possibly but not
>necessary from the MP disorder.
>> Special traits:
>> -Fame 3
>> Well that's only 2 nuyen earned with the upkeep cost...
>Still pays for herself w/ a good profit.
>> - Hermit
>> Really useful.Thanks.
>I don't get this one at all. She's a novastar, I guess she avoids the
>press and fans. Must make doing concerts a really trial for her.
>> - Unique
>> Don't worry, I won't put too much of it in my game.
>Makes sense though.
>> - She may not go on shadowrun.
>Doesn't amke sense. She should kick ass over most other runners with
>her stats in the module. Especially in Amazon persona.
>> Normal, with such a ridiculous threat rating ! (0/1).
>I don't get this at all. She had dermal plate, muscle rep, reflex
>enhancements and good skills in the module.
>> I really think Fasa screwed up on this one. Have they forgotten the
>RPG character.
>> What about the wired reflexes ? The dermal plating ? The muscle
>augmentation ?
>Apparently so.
>> She's not even worth the upgrade as she can't do anything.
>> That's the same with her skills. She should be able to handle a
>fight better than a lot of wannabe
>> runners as she can be mean with a gun or even in a melee fight.
>As I said, at least give her the token Firearms-1 and Melee-1
>> Well, it seems Fasa decided to make her be a figurehead only able to
>earn 2 miserable nuyens.
>> I really hope it was a bad print or a treacherous joke...
>Seems this version of the card has Maria permanently stuck in her
>Innocent persona. I'd really like to see something like a die roll at
>the beginning of each legwork phase set her skills/traits as she
>switches from one persona to the next. :o)

I like your idea, Loki.

>The hermit w/ a fame of three seems a little clunky.
> -== Loki ==-

IMHO, this card doesn't represent Maria, but a cheap fan with some cheap
metal plate on her, if you know what I mean ....


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