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From: Keldon Mor <Keldon@********.NET>
Subject: Re: Lord Torgo again....He's fun to talk about :)
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 13:26:40 -0500
> About national tournaments and all - will each and every player get a copy
> of the official, unofficial, possible answers, temporary thoughts of the
> moment, etc., etc. e-mails from DLOHs, FAQ, question and answer sessions,
> and anything else to play the game? I highly doubt 'every' player of the
> game during tournament time is a member of this list server, so do we have
> an advantage? What would be the ruling on a case like this - if someone
> from this list did a card combination that is legal because it was passed
> by this list, but was not in the official FAQ and that player affected had
> a legitimate complaint...?

My thoughts exactly. So far, I've only seen theories on why the combo
is/is not legal. I haven't seen anything based on SRTCG Rules why this combo
isn't possible. At first, people said it wasn't possible because the card
text says to play on a Ganger, and Torgo is a Ganger Leader, fine. So, I
said, make Torgo a Ganger, it should be legal then. If people believe this
is to much of a powerful combo, then I guess we're going to see Lord Torgo
on the BANNED list of cards unplayable at tournys. Personally, I haven't
seen any Combo that can't be defeated. If everyone plays Torgo, I put 4
Metahuman Prej. in my deck. "I dont think so Buddy, trash him and eat that 9
nuyen" 9 nuyen isn't anything to sneeze out.
So, unless FASA wants to change their SRTCG Rules to handle these
conflicts, make my Torgo a Ganger :) Ganger Mage = Ganger & Mage but Ganger
Leader not = to Ganger & Leader.

Why hasn't anyone stated that Combat Fetish can not be played on
Lurker??? It clearly states to play Combat Fetish on Mage, wait, he's a
Ganger Mage, can't do it......

Keldon Mor


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