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From: Tony Glinka <porthos@****.COM>
Subject: [GS] Private Trade Responses
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 15:03:00 -0700
Okay Folks,

A BIG reminder from your local GridSec. There have been WAY too
many posts on trade lists that should have gone to private mail, but
instead went to the list. So I figured something needed be said, and
yes I posted it to the entire list to hopefully get the point across.
One of the purposes of the SRCard is to facilitate the trading of
cards. So feel free to post a list of your haves/needs, but after that,
any posts regarding that list should be sent privately. I don't want to
read your private mail and others don't either. So please do us all a
favor and take all trade list responses to PRIVATE mail.
If you have questions on list policy please email me at:
porthos@****.com and I will do my best to explain things to you. And if
you need a copy of the SRCard List FAQ go get one at Dvixen's site: (with frames) or (w/o frames).
Thank you and I now return you to regularly scheduled mailing

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