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From: Phil Jaros <chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM>
Subject: Re: Coward combos & Counter cards
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 21:27:22 -0500
>As for cowardly combos? Doesn't get much worse than the whole Cermak Blast
>- Mage - Invisibility/Rapier combo. Yuk
>And yeah, Wake the Dead is bad, too. You'd think they'd have learned not
>to make a card like that.

Once again, I'ld like to point out that Poor Craftsmanship is a VERY nasty
card. You can choose to nix the spell or the bike, either works wonders.

I think the discovery of the card may be the reason that the last game
I played went several hours. ;)

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