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From: Mamoulian <shine@************.NET>
Subject: Request to kill Torgo thread
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 17:26:05 -0600
I usually don't reply like this.

I think this thread is getting a bit out there. I believe the list was
created to help enhance game play which always brings on debates. I think
this one has been debated into the ground.

When in doubt, use the rule on page 11:

"If there is confusion or conflict about how to interpret the rules on a
card and you are unable to find a satisfactory resolution using this book
(list), resolve the disagreement by rolling a D6. Please don't waste time

I'm not trying to bash, or say anyones points aren't valid, I am just
saying I believe it has gotten out there.

<Re-Instate Lurker status>



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