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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Elizabeth Dockendorf <liz@********.NET>
Subject: Liz's trade list
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 00:40:00 GMT
Well, here are the cards I want, and the cards I have for trade. =
Unfortunately I
don't have many extra rares to trade, since I didn't buy a whole lot of =
cards. I
may also be willing to trade some cards that aren't on the list for the =
cards I
really want (I'll mark those with a *), so if what you're looking for =
listed, ask me.

What I want:
Any of the 1st run promo cards (I'm also willing to pay money for =

1st Run - Runners:
Knuckes (uncommon)
Macabre (uncommon)
Sam the Sleuth (uncommon)
Dr. Apocalypse (rare)
Dodger (rare)
Drake (rare)
Fastjack (rare)
Gutter Rat (rare)
* Highbrow (rare)
* Ice Queen (rare)
Lord Torgo (rare)
* Scorpio (rare)
* Tempest (rare)
Skwaaaark (rare)
Skag (rare)
1st Run - Gear:
Nature Spirit (uncommon)
Bullet Barrier (rare)
Sticky Fingers (rare)
Stun Gloves (rare)
* Doc Wagon (Platinum)
1st Run - Challenges:
Mage Strike Force (uncommon)
* Elite Security Mage (rare)
Guardian Earth Elemental (rare)
Incubus (rare)
Hellhound (rare)

Underworld - Runners:
Sancho (uncommon)
* Wildfire (rare)
Ro-jin (rare)
Louie Da Bruiser (rare)
Humbug (rare)
Holmes (rare)
Underworld - Contacts:
Lone Star Sergeant (rare)
Ninja Guard (rare)
Underworld - Gear:
Jinx (uncommon)
Jinx Spirit (uncommon)
Heckler Spirit (rare)
Switchblade (rare)
Underworld - Specials:
Scatterbrains (uncommon)
Better Offer (rare)
Cement Shoes (rare)
* Snake Totem (rare)
Metahuman Prejudice (rare)

What I have:

1st Run - Runners:
Kraker-Jack (uncommon) - 2 copies
Cherry Bomb (uncommon)
Domino (uncommon)
Ripper (rare)
1st Run - Locations:
The Z-Zone (rare)
1st Run - Gear:
Fuchi Cyber-6 (uncommon) - 2 copies
Defiance Shotgun (uncommon)
"Doberman" Patrol Vehicle (rare)
Harley Scorpion (uncommon) - 2 copies
Automated Patrol Vehicle (uncommon)
1st Run - Challenges:
Sabotaged Controls (uncommon)
Security Consultant (uncommon)
Poison Gas Trap (uncommon) - 2 copies
Swarm of Drones (uncommon)

Underworld - Runners:
Banzai (uncommon)
Bowzer (uncommon) - 2 copies
Skitz (uncommon)
Odysseus (rare) - 2 copies
Underworld - Contacts:
Shady Manager (uncommon)
Underworld - Locations:
The Docks (uncommon) - 2 copies
Underworld - Gear:
Shriek 1000 (uncommon)
Handcuffs (uncommon)
Underworld - Challenges:
Lone Star K9 Unit (uncommon)
Scatterbrain Raid (uncommon)
Yakuza Assassin (rare)
Underworld - Specials:
Brain Fart (uncommon) - 2 copies
Poor Craftsmanship (uncommon)
Test of Honor (uncommon) - 2 copies
Outstanding Performance (uncommon)
Seppuku (uncommon)
Shakedown (uncommon)


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