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From: Phil Jaros <chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM>
Subject: Re: A bunch of questions
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 01:12:58 -0500
Keep in mind that these responces are just IMHO.

>1) When two runners turn to swap gear, can way swap any amount of gear they own ?
>Can they swap a turned piece of gear (as a Black Hammer for instance) ?

I'ld say that they could trap turned gear, but that the gear card would have
to remain turned.

>2) The Highway Showdown challenge says : "(...) each runner present takes 4
>Let's picture that Roadrash is shadowrunning with an activated Hunter Drone and can't
>sleaze the challenge.
>Does only Roadrash get 4 damage ?
>Does Roadrash and the Drone both get 4 damage ?
>Can the owner of Roadrash divide the damage between the runner and his drone ?
>(I don't really feel at ease with the use of drones).

Only Roadrash recieves the damage. Fasa has said that only Runners take
damage from riots, so I'ld imagine the same goes for Sabataged Controls,
The Big Hit and Highway Showdown. Keep in mind that drones/spirits don't
count as runners for minefield/widow's trap/pressure plates etc...

Basically the line about "treat drones like runners" in the rulebook
only means treat their Threat Rating like a Runners in combat.

>3) If a mage fails to sleaze an awakened challenge with the Sleep spell,
>can he still inflict damage with his threat rating ?
>(I don't really feel at ease with the use of spells either).

Yes they can. Sleep, unlike Stun Gloves is used before combat begins.

>4) The Ally Spirit can be trash to avoid all damage taken from one source.
>If Wishbone holding an Ally meet an Incubus, can I trash the spirit instead
>of having Wishbone trashed ?
>I would say no because this is not real damage taken, but it was not the opinion of
other players.

You would be correct.

>5) On the Amazonian Hunt challenge, it is written : "No awakened challenge can be
>Does it mean that gear like Stun gloves or Sleep Spell are useless against awakened
>revealed on this objective ?
>This would be scary...

Stun Gloves works during combat, and does not sleaze the challenge so
you still could use them. Sleep and Invisibility on the other hand
would not work...

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