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From: Michael Niederkofler <hibou@****.TU-GRAZ.AC.AT>
Subject: Wanted !
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 19:47:04 +0200
Hi All,

I don´t know if I´m the only one, that considers "Wanted" the most
annoying card of the set. If played with the right (Troll-) deck it can
destroy almost every other deck and there is not much, what cone be
done. The options you have against it are way too weak, IMHO. "Luck of
the Irish" fails in 50% of all cases, "Lucky Wabbits Foot" and
"Protective Spirit" are too expensive so there is only "State of
Confusion" left which is a rare card, so it is very hard to get 4 of
If I overlook something, I would be glad to hear a possibility to
counter "Wanted".

It seems to me in general that strategies, that try to kill the
opponents runners are to strong, compared to other strategies. Imagine a
deck consisting of trolls with Harley Scorpions and Katanas, going for
"Cleanse the Hive". Once there are four or five trolls on the table,
there is not much what can stop them. And while you wait four the money
to deploy the trolls you play "Wanted" or "Riots" to eliminate the
key-runners of your opponent, who is then not fast enough to beat you.

Is there nothing, that can stop such a deck?

Your comments are welcome,


Michael Niederkofler

Conway´s Gesetz: In jeder Organisation gibt es immer nur eine Person,
die weiß was los ist. Diese Person muß entlassen werden.


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