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From: Norman McLeod <mcleodn@***********.NET>
Subject: Re: I'm Back!!!!
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 19:39:31 -0400
>2) I Have started a new deck but I've met a road-block.These are the
>Runners I have chosen:
>The mole
>The Preacher X2
>Shade X2
>Cherry Bomb
>Red widow
>Now I come to the Block. I can't figure out what gear top use with this
deck.Can >someone out there help me?

First of all, you have a very odd selection of runners there. Second, what
other runners do you have available? Third, how much space have you planned
for gear in your deck? Fourth, what gear do you have? Fifth, for this
selection of runners, which I wouldn't touch myself, I would use:

Sleep x2
Bullet Barrier
Invisibility (x2)
Dermal Plating x2
Harley Scorpian x2

If you give me more info on your cards and the type of deck you'd like to
make, I would be happy to take you through the process that I use for making


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