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From: Felix Hoefert <FHoefert@********.DE>
Subject: Re: Handcuff's\In-fighting\"Valid Target"
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 03:12:20 +0200
Mamoulian wrote:
> Question: If handcuff's are used to arrest 1 or 2 runners who are
> intercepting the the run still over? Or does it continue on?
Note: Handcuffs do not arrest a Runner. The Runner is trashed, so for
instance Lone Star Lock-Up isn´t valid here. The Run (if intercepted)
cannot continue on. A run is considered intercepted even if the
intercepting Runner(s) is/are trashed and ends.

> Question: I take 3 Orks on a run, I have 2 Glitz in my safehouse. At the
> start of the next players turn, he plays In-Fighting on me. Are my Ork's
> considered in the safehouse? I have said that the runners return to the
> safehouse after the run is over, or is it when they unturn the cards?

In-Fighting does apply here, since the Runners return to the safehouse
turned after the Run.

> Question: Several questions have arose from the State of Confusion (SOC)
> card. What is a valid target? I interpreted it as anything that you could
> play the card on (hence playing a Nerps on my runner as Heavy Armor Full),
> this could be turned into something else on the table? Correct?

Nerps is played on a Gear card, so any Gear in play is a valid target
here. Since a Runner must be named to play the Nerpsed Gear onto, the
Runner must be allowed to hold this Gear, too.
> Question: Bowzer states 1 to make him a ganger until the end of turn. If
> I take Turf War with him, he get the +1\+1 experience token. Does this go
> away at the end of my turn as he would not be a ganger anymore?

He could keep the Experience token, since he only has to be a Ganger
when he takes the Run. After that, he doesn´t have to stay Ganger.



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