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From: Apone <mpcheval@********.FR>
Subject: Re: Wanted !
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 06:23:32 +0200
Michael Niederkofler wrote:

> Hi All,
> I dont know if Im the only one, that considers "Wanted" the most
> annoying card of the set. If played with the right (Troll-) deck it can
> destroy almost every other deck and there is not much, what cone be
> done.

I would say Troll Decks are the most annoying decks of the game.

> The options you have against it are way too weak, IMHO. "Luck of
> the Irish" fails in 50% of all cases, "Lucky Wabbits Foot" and
> "Protective Spirit" are too expensive so there is only "State of
> Confusion" left which is a rare card, so it is very hard to get 4 of
> them.

Pack some Bad Rep. That will make the assaillant think twice, especially ifyou are playing
under 100 Rep Points for victory.
And I've heard that on the Revised Rules it will become possible to Bad Rep a player with
Rep points.

> It seems to me in general that strategies, that try to kill the
> opponents runners are to strong, compared to other strategies. Imagine a
> deck consisting of trolls with Harley Scorpions and Katanas, going for
> "Cleanse the Hive". Once there are four or five trolls on the table,
> there is not much what can stop them.

This is only speaking from my limited experience (lack of players around here) so I might
miss something, but here's what I've learned:
- Troll Decks are slow. Play quick games (around 100 Rep Points max).
- Troll Decks are really expansive. Target your opponet's cash cows (Riots, Wanted, In
instead of his tough guys. That can
slow him down even more.
- Pack Challenges that need uncommon skills to be sleaze (technical, social,...), and that
usually don't have.
- Better pack Challenges that make the shadowrunning team returning to the safehouse
(Nets, Hellish
trafic, Maglocks)
instead of trying to fight a ferocious wild bunch of trolls. (I saw one taking the
Amozonian Hunt
after kicking the ass of a Guardian Dracophorm,
a Double Jeopardize and a Toxic Spirit, making a 60 points rep on one turn. Ouch !).

It's a pity that to counter a Troll Deck you need to specially prepare your own deck for
it (except
if you play a 50 Rep Points game) but
what else can be done to face an Anti Social beast which is 2,80 meters tall and weighs
over 200 Kg ?

A word of clarification: this post is not directed against trolls. They are pretty cool in
the SR
IMHO I just find that they can be imbalancing for the SRTTCG mechanisms.

so long,

"You may bury my body down by the highway side,
So my old evil spirit can catch a Greyhound bus n'ride."
Robert Johnson


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