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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Handcuff's\In-fighting\"Valid Target"
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 05:07:05 -0700
Mamoulian wrote:

> Question: If handcuff's are used to arrest 1 or 2 runners who are
> intercepting the the run still over? Or does it continue on?

Handcuffs are used at the beginning of R-on-R combat; GAQS, Stand Aside!
and others are used before things get that far. Basically, if combat's
started, the run's been intercepted.

> Question: I take 3 Orks on a run, I have 2 Glitz in my safehouse. At the
> start of the next players turn, he plays In-Fighting on me. Are my Ork's
> considered in the safehouse? I have said that the runners return to the
> safehouse after the run is over, or is it when they unturn the cards?

Runners return to the safehouse at the end of their shadowrun phase. (A
long, convoluted reason why, but trust me on this one.)

> Question: Several questions have arose from the State of Confusion (SOC)
> card. What is a valid target? I interpreted it as anything that you could
> play the card on (hence playing a Nerps on my runner as Heavy Armor Full),
> this could be turned into something else on the table? Correct?

I usually reserve it for whenever the .. um .. target card has the
wording "target (foo)" on it. So Archie McDeven (turn an _unturned_
Runner) doesn't target anyone, where Stiletto ("give _target_ Runner")
does. NERPS targets the Gear being copied, so you could change it into
another legal target (basically, anything that's Gear). Even if the
Runner who ends up owning it can't end up using it.

That's the short of it. I haven't played with the card that much.

> Question: Bowzer states 1 to make him a ganger until the end of turn. If
> I take Turf War with him, he get the +1\+1 experience token. Does this go
> away at the end of my turn as he would not be a ganger anymore?

The experience token doesn't require that the Runner stays a Ganger --
if there were a card that stripped a Runner's profession (...turns them
into a Corporate mundane?...) the token would still stay on. Similarly,
Switchblades would stay on, but the Runner would no longer be affected
by Gang HQs.

- Matt

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