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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Wanted !
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 05:23:46 -0700
Michael Niederkofler wrote:

> If I overlook something, I would be glad to hear a possibility to
> counter "Wanted".

Here's a few.

GAQS returns the Runner to the safehouse (Attacker, Defender - does it

Bad Reputation hammers him for attacking. OK, you lose the Runner.

Big Guns, or pumpable Runners, have close to the same effect. Burst
Fire Weapons are great this way, although they can't be depended on;
Blazing Guns works well when you're using Pistols. Combine this with
Bad Lunch and suddenly you've turned the tables! Acid Mist also works
when the Gear is worse than the Runner (or when your opponent loves the
Z-zone). Drones and Spirits rock, too.

Having your own Big Tough Guys is always an option (just a question of
which one's bigger).

LotI, Lucky Wabbit's Feet, and Protective Spirit, as you mentioned, all
work, though they're unreliable/expensive/designed for a particular

Since getting into combat requires the attacker to turn, any measure
which turns the attacker would seem to work (McDeven, Crawler Drone).
Similarly, Rush Job forces your opponent to do something else with his
Runners -- followed up by a Change of Plans and a well-placed Widow's
Trap.... :)

Having LOTS of Runners works, too. Genetics Lab can be good for this.
(To comment on the Big Tough Guys being unstoppable: They are. In the
*late* game. Early on, there's simply to many low-cost Runners for them
to be that effective. It's only when you can stomp your opponent's
numober one guy and *still* be able to send four or five guys on a
shadowrun that you really have control over the board.)

Counter-attack. Not necessarily with Bar Fights of your own: Cement
Shoes, Handcuffs, Poison all have their (dirty) uses.

Or, of course, just be swifter. Win first, and who cares how many of
your Runners he trashed?

- Matt

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