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From: Jon Palmer <jmp225@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: Wanted !
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 18:48:21 -0400
>The problem I often have here is, that there are challenges I can not
>sleaze or fight (like Highway Showdown or Guardian Dracoform) early in
>the game, so my opponent has time enough to set up the big guys. If
>anyone has ideas for a really fast deck, that can handle some of the
>nastier challenges, they are highly welcome.

I know it requires a rare, but these kinds of challenges shouldn't faze you
much when they're... JUST A RUMOR :-)

The other thing I've done to counteract my friends' Guardian Dracoforms in
my sleaze deck is to play with 2 Flatlines and 2 Ranger Arms SM-3s. I
send one runner against the Dracoform, beat it down with the Indirect Fire,
and then with it out of the way, go the next turn.

As for Highway Showdown, you can try using Wetwork or Extraction as your
objectives (HS is an outdoor challenge), Tactics: Converge basically turns
it into a Booby Trap (trash a runner) by directing all the damage to your
unsuspecting Thrash. Biolab Raid from UW also has a "no vehicle
challenges" clause, but it's understandable you might not want your Foxy
Roxys getting -1/-1 tokens :-)

As for the incredibly annoying Blast/Hive/Brawl/Dead decks, Some Things
Never Change can be a nice card to use against them... and is usually
unexpected as well. I want to see a runner in the next expansion who
creates a permanent Some Things Never Change effect while he's in play...
and also costs 5¥ or so and has fame, so he's worth using :-)

Good luck,

Jon Palmer


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