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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Christophe Huestis <chuestis@**********.NET>
Subject: Trade List
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 19:32:06 -0400
Well I have FINALLY figured out exactly which cards I have to Trade and
which cards I WANT. Sorry for any confusion.

Suicide Run (x2) D(x2)

Major Drain (x1) D(x2
Lofwyr's Schemes (x1)
Just a Rumor (x2)
False Mentor (x2) D(x2)
Distraction (x1)
Cowards (x1)
Tactics: Converge (x2)
Steppin' Wulf Ambush (x2) D(x3)
Security Decker (x2) D(x1)
Runners on Retainer (x1)
Motion Detectors D(x3)
Incubus (x1)
Highway Showdown (x2)
Hellhound (x2) D(x3)
Heavy Sentry Gun (x1)
Guardian Earth Elemental (x1)Guardian Dracoform D(x3)
Flock of Geese D(x2)
Custom System (x1)
Astral Sentry (x5) D(x1)
Kamikaze Run (x1)
Dunkelzahn's Black Book (x1)
The Z-Zone D(x1)
The Festering Tusk (x1)
Renraku (x2)
Aztechnology (x1) D(x3)
Yoshimo Chang (x2) D(x2)
Humanis Policlub Ganger D(x1)
Heavy Armor (Partial) D(x1)
Heavy Armor (Full) (x1)
Gyro Stabilizer (x2)
Armor-Piercing Ammo (x1)
Wired Reflexes D(x1)
Skillsoft: Stealth (x1)
Skillsoft: Piloting (x1)
Skillsoft: Demolitions (x2)
Skillsoft: Athletics (x2)
Chipjack 3 (x1)
Stun Gloves D(x1)
Defiance Taser (x2)
Crash (x1)
Hellblast D(x1)
Adam Bomb (x2)
Flatline (x2)
Ripper (x1) D(x2)
Pappy (x1)
Marek (x3) D(x3)
Kham (x2)
Gutter Rat (x2) D(x3)
Drake D(x2)
Dr. Apocalypse D(x5)
Da' Profezzur (x2)
Caeser (x2)
Archie McDeven D(x3)

First Number Regulars for Trade Ex. (x1). Second Number Demos for Trade
Ex. D(x1). Demos have "DEMO ONLY" stamped on the back and are in fair
condition. I will trade three demos for a rare.

What I still need:
Hatchetman 2057
Foxy Roxy
Greater Elemental
Ranger Arms
Lucky Wabbit's Foot
Elite Security Mage
The Big Chase
Time-Delayed Bomb
Matrix Crash
Red Alert
Rush Job
Christophe A.

"Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet. You are the
owner of your future."


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