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From: "(No Name Available)" <mothman@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: Lord Torgo again....He's fun to talk about :)
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 23:08:27 -0600
Keldon Mor wrote about Torgo:
>>Ok, as I look at the card text here, the only thing I see that would disqualify
him would be whether or not he's a ganger.(snip)
Now, what else would disqualify him? The only other stipulation is
that a player may not have more than One Ganger Leader in play at a
time. Seems to me, if you play LotP on a Ganger/Ganger Leader, you still
only have one Ganger Leader in play.<<
Again, I ask for some reasoning based on SRTCG rules why this isn't

The reason you can't do it lies in the word "becomes". LotP says that
target Ganger runner becomes a Ganger laeder". I ahte to resort to this,
but here goes…

Webster's dictionary defines "becomes" as follows: to be in process of
change or development".

Torgo can't become a Ganger Laeder because HE IS A GANGER LEADER! You
can't become a fireman if you are a fireman. A caterpillar changes into
a butterfly. A candidate becomes president. Torgo was a Ganger. Then he
became a Ganger Leader. Then he became a card. Then he became the
subject of a hellish debate…

You can play LotP on torgo, because he IS a Ganger. However, it has no
effect because he cannot become what he already is.

As for all of you arguing that Torgo can become a Ganger Leader (even
though he already is one) because Scatter can hold a Bear Totem: where
does it say on the totem cards that the Runner holding the Totem becomes
anything? It doesn't. different cards. different text. No comparison
with Torgo and LotP.

Thank you and good night!


"It's more fun to compute"


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