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From: hansen <hansen@********.COM.SG>
Subject: Re: Lord Torgo again....He's fun to talk about :)
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:07:38 +0800
>Torgo can't become a Ganger Laeder because HE IS A GANGER LEADER! You
>can't become a fireman if you are a fireman. A caterpillar changes into
>a butterfly. A candidate becomes president. Torgo was a Ganger. Then he
>became a Ganger Leader. Then he became a card. Then he became the
>subject of a hellish debate…
>You can play LotP on torgo, because he IS a Ganger. However, it has no
>effect because he cannot become what he already is.
>As for all of you arguing that Torgo can become a Ganger Leader

Are u sure on this.... IMHO u cannot play LotP on Torgo because he is a
Ganger Leader. LotP sez play on a Ganger. Along the same thought,
switchblade does not stay on him if played as a special.
(Pls comment on this....)

The initiation : "Each Runner at the end of shadowrun is considered a Ganger
in addition...." ie x profession AND ganger.If u make Torgo a ganger(Torgo .
Ganger and Ganger Leader)... Then try to give him LotP he will become
(Torgo.Ganger and Ganger Leader and Ganger Leader).(Users of Venn Diagram
note the 3 are seperate entities although Ganger Leader and Ganger Leader
are equivilent in value) There are still 2 Ganger Leaders in play...
Although they are the same runner.....

The only way I see to get LotP on Torgo is to somehow remove his 1st ganger
leader trait and make him a ganger (not in any order)


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