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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: hansen <hansen@********.COM.SG>
Subject: Re: Wanted !
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:32:39 +0800
>Matb wrote:
>> <snip some very good ideas>
>> Since getting into combat requires the attacker to turn, any measure
>> which turns the attacker would seem to work (McDeven, Crawler Drone).
>> Similarly, Rush Job forces your opponent to do something else with his
>> Runners -- followed up by a Change of Plans and a well-placed Widow's
>> Trap.... :)
>This could work. I will give it try.
>> Having LOTS of Runners works, too. Genetics Lab can be good for this.
>> (To comment on the Big Tough Guys being unstoppable: They are. In the
>> *late* game. Early on, there's simply to many low-cost Runners for
>> them
>> to be that effective. It's only when you can stomp your opponent's
>> numober one guy and *still* be able to send four or five guys on a
>> shadowrun that you really have control over the board.)
>The problem I often have here is, that there are challenges I can not
>sleaze or fight (like Highway Showdown or Guardian Dracoform) early in
>the game, so my opponent has time enough to set up the big guys. If
>anyone has ideas for a really fast deck, that can handle some of the
>nastier challenges, they are highly welcome.
>> Counter-attack. Not necessarily with Bar Fights of your own: Cement
>> Shoes, Handcuffs, Poison all have their (dirty) uses.
>> Or, of course, just be swifter. Win first, and who cares how many of
>> your Runners he trashed?
>> - Matt
>I hope, I will be swift enough once.
Try humans... and Humanis (fill in the blanks) or anything
anti-metahuman.... Personally I dislike racism but face it humans are uncool
to play with when elves, dwarves,orc and trolls are out there to play with.
Humans have their racist cards....
Metahuman Prejudice, Humanis Policlub Ganger slow a big deck a lot...
Also try to kill the rockers... (riots, drive by, wanted....)

Other cards...
Unstable Ally
Forced Attrition


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