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From: Jon Palmer <jmp225@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: Lord Torgo again....He's fun to talk about :)
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 08:08:22 -0400
>>>Ok, as I look at the card text here, the only thing I see that would
>>>disqualify him would be whether or not he's a ganger.(snip)
> Now, what else would disqualify him? The only other stipulation is
>that a player may not have more than One Ganger Leader in play at a
>time. Seems to me, if you play LotP on a Ganger/Ganger Leader, you still
>only have one Ganger Leader in play.<<
> Again, I ask for some reasoning based on SRTCG rules why this isn't
>The reason you can't do it lies in the word "becomes". LotP says that
>target Ganger runner becomes a Ganger laeder". I ahte to resort to this,
>but here goes…
>Webster's dictionary defines "becomes" as follows: to be in process of
>change or development".
>Torgo can't become a Ganger Laeder because HE IS A GANGER LEADER! You
>can't become a fireman if you are a fireman. A caterpillar changes into
>a butterfly. A candidate becomes president. Torgo was a Ganger. Then he
>became a Ganger Leader. Then he became a card. Then he became the
>subject of a hellish debate…

This was an awesome post... seeing the wording, I totally agree. Stick it
in the FAQ!!! You can't become something you already are. Captain Obvious
strikes again, thwacking hordes of cheeseballs trying to make Lord Torgo
the Leader of the Pack. Death to cheese! Long live logic!

Okay, I don't usually gloat this much when I come out on the winning side
of a debate. I just considered this one to be a bit inane, along the lines
of a 'can the Maze of Ith stop the Serra Angel' ad nauseum (and trust me,
I'm nauseous) debate.

Jon Palmer


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