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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [FASA] Tourney Rules (repost)
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 19:55:15 -0700
Someone was asking if FASA had put out official tourney rules. A
number of you have seen these from when the DLOH's snuck them to me
and I first posted them. Still, with the influx of newbies, I thought
it'd be good to toss them out again.


---FASACorp2 <FASACorp2@***.com> wrote:


> ***Below is the current version of the Tourney info!!!****
> Notes: SRTCG Tournament Rules
> "Brawl in the Sprawl"
> Type: Multi-player, Multi-round, scored play, timed
> Number of players: Any, Minimum of eight.
> Description:
> The keystone for the first of these SRTCG tournaments is
organizing players
> into tables of two to four players instead of relying on individual
> competetion. This concept allows a greater range of events to
effect the
> outcome of the game and will allow the contest to be won by superior
game play
> and not by who has enough power to bulldoze their way through a
> This will also allow for odd numbers of players and increased speed
in game
> play, being that elimination can be acheived by table or by player
(the winner
> of the table proceeds to the next round, eliminating up to three
players per
> round) as needed.
> Breakdown:
> 1st Round: "The Blow-out"
> The players are paired off with the odd man set to make a threesome
(only one
> player will proceed from the threesome-"Life's tough!"). This round
has a one
> hour time limit. The first player to make 50 rep points or who has
> highest rep point total at the end of the time limit (providing that
no player
> has reached 50 points before then), proceeds to next round. Losers
> eliminated.
> 2nd Round: "The Run"
> Winners from previous round are set into tables (see above)of three
or four.
> This round has a hour-and-one-half time limit. The players play up
to the
> time limit. The basis for victory is the highest reputation point
total at
> each table. This is determined by taking the reputation points
gained in the
> present round and adding them to the rep points from the previous
rounds .
> The top number of players, who proceed to the next round is based on
a factor
> of four.
> These first two rounds can be alternated or repeated as needed. This
can add a
> level of variety to the tournament.
> Final Round: "The Showdown"
> Placement in the final four is based on Reputation point totals
throughout the
> entire tournament. But you must make it to the next to last round
for it to
> count. The points each player gets through each round are to be
> Also, total aquired nuyen can be added in (see resolving ties,
below). First
> seat gets a bonus of 12 nuyen to start, second seat get a bonus of
eight and
> third seat gets an extra four. The last seat gets only the four you
> with, but gets to go first. To win, everything counts...rep, nuyen,
> everything.
> Special Situations:
> Ties:
> Nuyen Counting: This procedure is used in breaking ties for this
type of
> tournament. In case of a tie, the tied players count nuyen remaining
at the
> end of the round. Surviving runners are counted as assets and their
nuyen cost
> is counted into the total, with special traits (except for
"unique"), adding
> +1 per trait ( Fame+2= +2 Nuyen, Stamina & Anti-social= 2nuyen).
The only
> other place that this is used is in determining the winners in the
> round.
> Card Restrictions:
> "Sader-Krupp"- The card's ability to win the game is suspended in
> play. Saeder-Krupp can take objectives as normal BUT may not take an
> objective if it would mean that it would win the game. Objectives
taken by
> Sader-Krupp cannot be counted toward the game total and are
considered lost.
> This allows the Sader-Krupp card to be used but doesnt allow it to
be abused
> in torny events. =)
> Grouping Example: This tournament starts with 105 entrants.
> The first round-"The Blowout" will have 51 pairs and one threesome.
At the
> end of one hour, 26 players will proceed to the following round-"The
> The breakdown for round would be six tables of three and two tables
of four,
> for a total of eight tables. The winners from each table (eight
> proceed to the next round which is another "Blow-out." This leaves
> players for the final. Another way to do this would be to, take
the 26
> players and have the top 16 proceed to the next round, play another
> round then have the remaining four proceed to the final.
> "The Duel"
> Type: One-on-One, scored play, timed, Three rounds
> Number: Any, Even Numbered
> Description:
> The tournament is a multi-round, round-robin ( you play a different
> each round) event. Each round has a hour and-a-half time limit and
is scored.
> There is no winner or loser until the last round. The winner is
determined by
> the total score at the end all three rounds. Scoring is by,
reputation point
> total. Surviving runners are added in based on their nuyen cost at
a rate of
> five nuyen to one reputation point. Actual nuyen left at the end of
the round
> is totaled in at a rate of ten nuyen to one reputation point. The
> score at the end is the winner.
> Special Situations: See card restrictions and Ties above.
> Have fun!


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