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From: Jon Edwards <jonathan.edwards@*****.COM>
Subject: Torgo (sigh....) Shameless Plug
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:59:12 -0700
>You're pretty certain you know the intent of a card. Not saying you're
>wrong here, but I think I along with a very few lurkers have posted some
>amazing arguments both fictionally and logically for why it should be
>allowed. These fictional and logical viewpoints point to a better intent
>for the card (at least the one that you and your associates can provide).
>The only thing we know from the DLOH's is that they don't think the LotP
>card should be played on Torgo, they have their own reasons. They have
>also been wrong/contradictory/inconsistant before. That wasn't a slam, I
>can only imagine trying to run a card game and try to figure out how each
>card will effect the others, it would be pure hell. Just look at the
>Runners on Retainer ruling.

Seeing that everyone involved in the (cough) Great Torgo Debate (something
like two or three of you?) are pretty determined that Leader Of The Pack is
a potentially important card, I have an extra one to trade....

Any offers?



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