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From: Michael Niederkofler <hibou@****.TU-GRAZ.AC.AT>
Subject: Re: [FASA] Second Run comments
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 21:50:50 +0200
Abadia, Teos wrote:

> > ----------
> > I've read through so much card text in the last week (finishing
> Second
> > Run) that my head is a mess.
> > Jim N.
> > ~!~!~!~!~!
> >
> Then you probably don't want to hear this, but I have some concerns
> about the changes being made to some spell cards in second run. I
> would
> love to talk to you about the perception you have about the role of
> mages in the game. I realize you are busy, but if you get the time, I
> would love a reply, however short it might be. I am cc-ing this to
> the
> list as well, to see how everyone else feels.
> I keep hearing that spell cards that don't rely on a die roll will be
> changed to use a die roll. I really am against this, as I strongly
> believe that more consistancy is needed to make magical decks
> attractive. Right now, odds are against mage decks winning. Below I
> rant on some of the reasons I think mage/shamen decks don't
> consistantly
> measure up to "big thug" decks. i would love to hear your feelings on
> the perceptions I have, even if you strongly disagree.

<big snip>

Hi there !

I agree to most of what you say about the role of mages and shamans and
I even want to say that most (if not all) other decks don´t have the
edge to win consistently agaínst "big bully"-decks.

Just imagine the following scenario :

You have the following on the table :

Tempest with two spells, Hawkwind, Tinkerbell, Static, Ajax, Macabre and
Shasta. This gives you a wide range of skills and you´re ready to sleaze
challenges either with your skills or spells your mages are holding.

You´re opponent has two Stompers with Katanas. It looks as he´s behind
and you´re doing faster and better. Then he plays two "Riots" in one
turn. Pray that at least one LotI gets through. Otherwise ALL you´re
runners are trashed. Youre drones or spirits (except Ally Spirit or
Protective Spirit) will not help you as Riots states explicitly all
RUNNERs take two damage.

What now? He needs only a third big troll and will go through almost all
challenges (and with "Cleanse the Hive" or "Cermak Blast" he ignores
your challenges that require "social").

What I´m looking for in the coming expansions are cards that give trolls
are real drawback. "Infighting" is a step in the right direction, but it
seem a little bit expensive compared to cards like "Riots" and


PS.: This is a similar complaint as in my post about "Wanted", but this
is because I consistently loose against the troll-deck of a friend. Hi
Bernhard :-)!
Michael Niederkofler

Conway´s Gesetz: In jeder Organisation gibt es immer nur eine Person,
die weiß was los ist. Diese Person muß entlassen werden.


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