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From: Jon Edwards <jonathan.edwards@*****.COM>
Subject: Let Go, Young Skywalker...
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:47:33 -0700
<snip> (really long text....)
>> And as a last request ... Stop this thread ... at least hold it until 2nd
>> run with it's (hopefully) cleaned up Lord Torgo comes out. My
intepration of
>> the rules is based on Boolean Algebra (Logic) and I feel that it's better
>> than 'if it can be done in SR2 why not in SRTCG'. SR2 is a RPG. there's no
>I don't recall the SRRPG argument ever coming out in this thread, but ok.

If this thread really actually manages to die the horrible death that the
rest of us are wishing for it, I will buy each one of you guys involved a
beer (if I ever see you.... ;-)

>This is ridiculous actually, logic is one thing,
>Boolean Algebra is another.

And you don't get paid any extra nuyen in this argument for being good at
either, so it's moot, right?

>logic should lay down the base of the game and a certain amount of logic
>is necessary to be able to interpret the cards. Seems to me you should
>take some more logic classes.

(ouch! Innocent bystander is played on Brad for that stray bullet)

>Logically, to me, there is no restrictions
>preventing LT from having the card played on him and none to leave it on
>him. Guess that's why logic is hard to work with in the human language
>(especially english) sometimes, because there can be many interpretations
>from the same statement.

MOVING ON...... I've heard that Second Run is going to be out in June, or
July, slipping from its original ship dates in May (I don't even know if
that's right, but I'm guessing...)

Roughly, is it known how many cards total are going to be included in this
set? (reprints, and new runners, gear, locations, Leader of the Pack




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