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From: Norman McLeod <mcleodn@***********.NET>
Subject: Re: [FASA] SoC
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 16:52:43 -0400
Here we go on a line of messages that actually ended democratically, unlike
a certain Torgo thread I could gnash my teeth about.
>The answer to all of the above: you can't use SoC that way. As it
>states on
>SoC: "You may choose a new, legal target for a Special card just
>played." In
>other words, if Tony plays Nerps on Hatchetman, you can't play SoC and
>Nerps into Redirect Datatrail because Redirect Datatrail is not a
>legal target
>(Hatchetman can't hold it).

Thank you sweet DLOH, I've ben saying this all along, it's nice to be

>The race is already "locked in". SoC can change the target of Sudden
>Goblinization, but it still changes the Runner into whatever the owner
>of SG

And again, shameless "I told you so"


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