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From: ">>>>> Axlrose - ... <<<<<" <axlrose@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: Let Go, Young Skywalker...
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:22:12 -0400
At 01:47 PM 4/22/98 -0700, Jon Edwards wrote:

(I'm not aiming this directly at you Jon... but I digress.)

<Snipped the plea to stop this thread. Being the type of person I am, no.>

>If this thread really actually manages to die the horrible death that the
rest of us >are wishing for it, I will buy each one of you guys involved a
beer (if I ever see >you.... ;-)

I am not much of a beer drinker but more a hard liquor individual myself...

<Snipped a bit more for those still reading...>

>>logic should lay down the base of the game and a certain amount of logic
is necessary >>to be able to interpret the cards. Seems to me you should
take some more logic >>classes.

> (ouch! Innocent bystander is played on Brad for that stray bullet)

Considering how many seem to conclude that what Brad (and myself, among
others perhaps) say is only a bunch of "cheese logic" while they gloat over
the same point over and over again, let him take his shots. Hell, maybe it
was _I_ that shot that stray bullet. Running the shadows is dangerous you
know *grin*.

>>Logically, to me, there is no restrictions preventing LT from having the
card played >>on him and none to leave it on him. Guess that's why logic
is hard to work with in >>the human language (especially english)
sometimes, because there can be many >>interpretations from the same

...or those that are so wrapped in "my-way is the only-way" mentality that
all other opposing views are instantly dropped. Like for example, how I
used the English schematics to compare Lord Torgo and Leader of the Pack
against Scatter and her "Rat Shaman" header title. I did not see one
argument against the schematics! The only argument against mine was a snip
job saying something about totem does not appear in the text so therefore...

I would like to keep the flavor of the Shadowrun universe intact. For me,
I would think that Scatter hanging around the sewers talking to the rats
would push her deep into the rat totem idea. Lord Torgo, being the brut
that he is, violently removes the new troll on the block that believes ~he~
should be the new leader. Afterwards, Lord Torgo saw the error of his ways
for allowing the usurp to rise, and gains experience from the event...

Plus people like Brad and myself are hoping the game does not get so bogged
down in adjusted rules that before any play can commence, a 50 page typed
text rule book is handed out with changes and whatnot. As I pointed out
before, and apparently not too many caught on, do we on the list here have
an edge? Of the what - 200 or so people that subscribe to the list - we
are probably just a drop in a bucket of rain water overall when it comes to
the total number that play the game. I very highly doubt everyone plays
the game according to the answers the various Q and A sessions have
produced. Therefore, if we were in a tournament against one of those said
players and they have been playing the cards the way they saw fit, would a
list member quickly go crying to a judge saying "Well this is what FASA
said to us!!!"?

>MOVING ON......<snipped>

So what is the point of having a list server running where everything is
spoon-fed to us without questioning? Yes, there has been much rambling,
but at the same time, fresh ideas on card ideas have arisen. I don't
accept the "...because FASA said so..." mentality. Nor do I accept the
mass mentality the list wants to portray at times. But with the little
cliches and those on their "holier-than-thou" crusade.....


Again, not directed towards you Jon.
>>>>>Axlrose - ...<<<<<


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