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From: Eike Andreas Baermann <Eike.Baermann@**.TU-ILMENAU.DE>
Subject: Re: The guard trait
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:55:02 +0200
On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Norman McLeod wrote:

> Because if he didn't have to turn to guard outside a run the trait would be
> far too strong, and if he could only use it once per run, it would be far
> too weak. I there any reason that Knuckles could not guard his charge from
> Sabatoged Controls a second time? It is not too powerful, but it is
> certainly a nice ability to have. Imagine if Knuckles could take all damage
> headed for runners in the safehouse (limited by his body of course), but he
> has a Heavy Armor Full, a Dermal plating, and muscle replacement. His rating
> is 9/10 (A4). Can you see how it would be imbalancing for him to be able to
> fend off every attack from everybody possible source, one after another? He
> is not so limited anymore by one at a time, for aside from Riots, most
> sources of damage in the Safehouse effect one runner at a time. No matter
> what you throw at the runners, and how many times you throw it, it's going
> to bounce off Knuckles everytime.

Play a Harley and a Beretta on him and the fun would really start (12/11
(A5)). This is also a possibility to disencourage players who want to
play Wanted on you. Just have an unturned Knuckles in play and your
'weak' runners wil not be attacked.


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