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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Dynamite <sl1yv@**.USU.EDU>
Subject: Trading List for Dynamite
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 07:43:33 -0600
Hey everyone. I finally got my trade list put together. It's not all
that great but if you're interested, respond via private e-mail.

Heres my trade list if you are interested.

What Ive got that you might want:

First run:

Sam the Sleuth (U)
Red Widow (U)
Razorback (U)
Stiletto (U)
Dirk Montgomery (R)
Ravage (R)

Bulldog Van (U)
Defiance Shotgun (U)
Sleaze (U)
Steam Roller (U)
Heavy Armor (FULL) (R)
Redirect Datatrail (R)
Remington 750 (R)

Mr. Black (U)
Ganger Leader (U)
Fringe Surgeon (U)

Club Vortex (U)
Decker Coffeehouse (U)


Meet the Family (U)
Jinx (U)
Crime Wave (U)
The Big Break (U)
Bear Totem (U)
Secret Agenda (R)

What I want:

First Run:

Domino (U)
Kraker Jack (U)
Marek (R)
Dr. Apocalypse (R)
Fastjack (R)

Fireball (U)
HK227 (U)
Doberman Patrol Vehicle (R)
Wired Reflexes (R)

Sniper Roost (R)

Highway Showdown (R)
Killer Drone (R)

Tactics: Converge (R)
Major Drain (R)


Bowser (U)
Loki (U)
Louie Da Bruiser (R)
Yakuza Hit Squad (U)
Scatterbrain Raid (U)

That's all folks.


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