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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Ivo Petschke <Ivo.Petschke@********.BAYNET.DE>
Subject: Tradeoffer ...
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:45:21 +0200

For Trade / Biete For Need / Suche
Abducted! (engl. or germ.) Doberman Patrol
Adam Bomb BAM-BAM
Acid Mist (Underworld / engl. or germ.) Backdoor (Underworld)
All or Nothing (engl. or germ.) Incubus
Anti-Astral Barrier (engl. or germ.) Doc Wagon (Platinum)
Ares Macrotechnology Skwaaaaark!
Armor-Piercing Ammo Tin Man
Aztechnology Clutch
Better Offer (Underworld / engl. or germ.) Black Credstick (Underworld)
Brain Freeze (engl. or germ.) Redirect Datatrail
Bullet Barrier Nerps!
Caesar - Decker Cement Shoes
Camo Genetics Lab
(Underworld / PROMO)
Cleanse the Hive (engl. or germ.) King of the Hill
(Underworld / PROMO)
Coffin Hotel (Underworld / engl. or germ.) The Skills to Pay the Bills
(Underworld / PROMO)
Cortex Bomb Widow's Trap
Crash (engl. or ger.) Wildfire
Dea Profezzur - Street Samurai (germ.) Custom System
Defiance Taster (germ.)
Dirk Montgomery - Decker
Dr. Apacalypse - Combat Mage (germ.)
Dunkelzahn's Black Book (engl. or germ.)
Fairlight Excalibur
Flock of Geese
Ghost who Walks (engl. or germ.)
Gutter Rat
Gyro Stabilizer (germ.)
Heckler Spirit (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Humanis Policlub Ganger
Humbug (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Iron Mike - Mercenary
Jack Skater - Street Samurai
Kham - Mercenary
Last Stand (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Leader of the Pack (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Lone Star Sergeant (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Lone Star Undercover (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Longhorn (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Major Drain
Marek - Combat Mage
Moment of Clarity (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Monofilament Whip (engl. or germ.)
Moon Shadow - Shaman (engl. or germ.)
Motion Detectors (engl. or germ.)
Ninja Guard (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Ravage - Street Samurai
Ro-Jin (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Room 5B78
Secret Agenda (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Security Rigger (engl. or germ.)
Skag - Street Shaman (engl. or germ.)
Smartgun Link
State on Confusion (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Steppin' Wulf Ambush
Runners on Retainer (engl. or germ.)
Tactics: Converge
The Fat Man (engl. or germ.)
The Hideway
The Initiation (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
The Z-Zone (germ.)
Trogs (Underworld / engl. or germ.)
Time-Delayed Bomb (engl. or germ.)
Yoshima Chang

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These messages were posted a long time ago on a mailing list far, far away. The copyright to their contents probably lies with the original authors of the individual messages, but since they were published in an electronic forum that anyone could subscribe to, and the logs were available to subscribers and most likely non-subscribers as well, it's felt that re-publishing them here is a kind of public service.