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From: Tony Glinka <porthos@****.COM>
Subject: Re: A couple of questions...
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:02:42 -0700
Bourgault, Patrick wrote:

> What is "voluntary pull out of a SR" means ?? I know you can voluntarily
> stop the run in the middle of it, but what about Invisibility, Wild Goose
> Chase, GAQS and the likes ?? Yesterday, I had a team with a mage with
> Invisibility. To save my team, I used the spell so the rest of the team
> came back to the safehouse. Knowing that my mage wasn't strong enough to
> finish the run, I pulled him out after the challenge. My opponent had a
> Bounty Hunter and hit my mage (so far, so good), but could he use BH on
> my other runners too ?? What if I had used WGC ??

From the SRTCG Q&A:Bounty Hunter
Q1: Can you use Bounty Hunter whenever a runner leaves a run, for whatever
reason? Barney Phyffe, Green Apple, or even if they just fall into the Nets
or can't get past the Maglock?
A1: Bounty Hunter can be used whenever a Runner pulls out of a run (for any
reason) before taking the Objective.

Because your runners didn't take the objective they are fair game for the
bounty hunter.

> In the same game, I played an All or Nothing card so that nobody could
> pulled out voluntarily of the current run. Could my opponent play a WGC
> or GAQS on his team to bring them home ?? If so, it's an easy way to
> avoid trouble.

I would say this is possible. Your runners are not pulling out by their own
will, so much as getting sent home.

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